Plastics to Energy

Plastics benefit our lives in many ways. Now, non-recycled plastics are increasingly being used at end-of-life for energy. Waste-to-energy technology turns non-recycled plastic to oil that can be used to power homes and businesses. Learn more about plastics energy recovery.

Plastics to Oil: Will Used Plastics Help Power America?

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Plastic to energy
Car Recycling Plastics to Fuel

What Could We Do with Plastics That Aren’t Being Recycled?

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  • How to Divert Plastics from Landfills
    How to Divert Plastics from Landfills There's reduce, reuse, and recycle. But did you know that there is a fourth “R”? Recovery. Energy recovery is the high-tech process by which waste is converted into alternative energy. See the Benefits of a Two-Pronged Approach