Plastics in the kitchen help us prep, serve, and store food while preserving freshness and reducing waste. From innovative plastic packaging to cutting-edge gadgets and utensils, there’s a wealth to explore and learn.

Prep & Storage

Does Plastic Food Packaging Benefit the Environment?

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Prep & Storage

How to Keep Food Fresh: 10 Tips for Storing Leftovers

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    Use Plastics to Help Save Money and Reduce Food Waste Simple storage and preparation tips that can help reduce or extend food budgets in order to save money and reduce food waste. See Tips
  • School lunches and plastic lunch boxes being prepared
    Pack a truly memorable lunch—with a little help from plastics. Send them to school with lunches they’ll love. From ingenious lunch boxes to airtight food storage containers to lightweight packaging, plastics can make packing lunch easier than ever, while helping keep food fresh. Learn more below. Learn How
  • Mother and daughter preparing a meal in kitchen
    I Hate Wasted Food—One Reason I Love Plastic Packaging The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that 30-40 percent of food goes uneaten in the United States. Plastic packaging can help save our resources. Read More From Professor Plastics